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Legislation - Age

This HDN briefing outlines the main points of the age regulations and suggested actions for housing providers.

Download Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 - Briefing (PDF, 39kB) (PDF, )

Housing - Regulation, Codes of Practice, Guidance and Policy - Age

Don't Stop me Now - preparing for an ageing population - Audit Commission, July 2008 This report from the Audit Commission looks at the challenges and opportunities facing England as its population gets older. Its aim is to help local public services adapt to the needs of an older and more diverse society, and identifies solutions than can be widely implemented. The report asked older ‘mystery shoppers’ to identify the everyday challenges they face in accessing council services. They approached 49 councils asking a series of questions and found that most councils need to improve the way they provide information in key areas such as volunteering, leisure and social activities, learning opportunities and transport.

Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhoods: Housing in an Ageing Society - DCLG, Feb 2008 This document sets out the government’s strategy for responding to the challenge of housing in an ageing society, including building more mainstream and specialised homes for older people through increased investment in new housing over the next three years; increasing investment in social housing – and equity sharing; providing a new approach to a national housing advice and information service.


Housing Sector Studies & Research - Age

Best Practice in Promoting Social Well-Being in extra care housing: a literature review - JRF, Aug 2007 This report reviews literature on best practice in promoting the well-being of older people in a range of housing and care settings. The review highlights some key factors in promoting social well-being for older people across a broad range of settings, including in housing association stock and in socially supported care homes. The report also identifies groups of older people who are particularly at risk of social isolation.

Older People and Wellbeing - Institute for Public Policy Research, July 2008 This report, the first in a series on older people and wellbeing from IPPR, describes some of the key social trends in the UK and assesses how these may be impacting on older people and their wellbeing. The research highlights that housing quality has a significant impact on older people’s emotional and physical wellbeing, with poor housing contributing to anxiety, depression and stress.

Towards Lifetime Neighbourhoods: Designing Sustainable Communities for All - DCLG, Nov 2007 Lifetime neighbourhoods are those which offer everyone the best possible chance of health, wellbeing, and social, economic and civic engagement regardless of age. They provide the built environment, infrastructure, housing, services and shared social space that allow us to pursue our own ambitions for a high quality of life. They do not exclude us as we age, nor as we become frail or disabled.

Youth homelessness in the UK: a decade of progress - JRF, May 2008 There have been significant policy developments across the UK to address youth homelessness in recent years.This study explores whether these changes have been effective and recommends key priorities for future action.


Service Delivery - Age

Bridging the gaps – social exclusion of BME elders - HACT, Jan 2008 This report from the Housing Association's Charitable Trust makes a series of recommendations to help social housing providers make progress on communicating with and understanding the basic requirements of BME elders.

Comparative evaluation of models of housing with care for later life - JRF, Oct 2007 The report examine how different models of housing with care address the needs of older people. This longitudinal study compares seven different housing with care schemes, including ‘village’ style and smaller schemes operated by a range of provider organisations in different locations.

Extra Care Housing Toolkit - Care Services Improvement Team, Sept 2006 This new toolkit from the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) is designed to assist in the development of extra care housing in the context of the wider accommodation and service needs of older people. It offers a structured approach to developing policy and locally based initiatives and a variety of tools designed to facilitate thinking about extra care.

Live Choices: helping older homeless people engage in meaningful occupation in the community - Help the Aged, July 2006 Live Choices was an innovative ‘meaningful occupation’ service in East London for people aged 50 and over who had experienced homelessness or who were isolated. The project supported people who wished to engage in meaningful occupation and get involved in the local community. The project aimed to provide opportunities for social contact within the wider community and help older people to build confidence and skills. This guide looks at some of the key findings of the project.

Making the Case for Retirement Villages (Joseph Rowntree Foundation, April 2006) Retirement villages are a relatively new type of provision in the UK. Data measuring their impact on residents’ health and quality of life, or on the demand for other health and social care services, is limited. This review of the evidence on the impact of retirement villages explores five key themes:

  • The potential of retirement villages to enhance independent living;

  • The benefits of larger developments and economies of scale;

  • Accessibility and affordability;

  • The potential impact of such villages on local health and social services; and

  • The impact on local communities.

Planning for continuing care retirement communities: issues and good practice (Joseph Rowntree Foundation, April 2006) This new publication looks at continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). Few have been developed in the UK, although they are expected to become increasingly common. As a relatively new concept, there is a general lack of understanding of the characteristics and role of CCRCs and the issues they raise. This analysis of current and emerging policy and practice is intended to provide practical assistance to those involved in the planning and development process, especially local authority planning officers.


Employment and Staffing - Age

Age and the Workplace, Advice for Employers - ACAS 2005 This booklet describes the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations which came into force on 1 October 2006 and gives practical advice to employers on how to implement them.

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