On Monday 19th March Housing Diversity Network (HDN) held the first #housingdiversityday social media campaign.  We are particularly grateful to Ben and Jane from Tower Hamlets Housing, a HDN member, who provided the energy and expertise in making this happen.

Both 24Housing and Inside Housing partnered with us in this campaign. The momentum of activity built quickly with a mood amongst participants becoming joint owners of the campaign inviting their contacts to get involved.  It wasn’t too surprising that the analytics at the end of the day revealed #housingdiversityday was very successful.  At its peak we were trending as the second most popular hashtag in the UK and at other times we were still fourth or fifth.  There were 836,502 twitter feeds and 2.2m impressions.

Impressive and moving stories, initiatives, and examples were communicated in video, word and interactions.  Ironically, this shone a light on the good use of social media while at the time #housingdiversityday was held, the murky side of social media exploded with Cambridge Analytica.  Thanks to so many of you for your positivity and constructive challenges.