I am delighted to see that Housing Diversity Network have got new members.  It is great to retain all our valued partners and members, but it is great to see new people coming along, let’s hope this continues to grow, it is really encouraging and thanks to all the staff for their hard work.

By the time you read this I guess we will have the outcome of the General Election it is quite exciting but aren’t we getting more like America day by day in terms of campaigning…………  enough of my soapbox!

I am delighted with the progress around mentoring not only the staff mentoring but the Board mentoring is looking really exciting if you’ve not heard about it please have a look.

In particular I am keen to see the tenant mentoring pilot develop I really look forward to this.

As the new membership year is upon us I encourage you to look at the member benefits from Housing Diversity Network in particular the Diversity Network Accreditation I think this is a really good way of benchmarking your own progress.

Look forward to meeting up with you all soon many thanks for your input over the years.

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