Broadacres Housing Association were awarded DNA in December 2013. Distinctions were awarded to Broadacres for:

  • Using organisational capacity and influence to further its E&D agenda and objectives e.g. proactive linking with relevant voluntary sector organisations
  • DDT structure is efficient at cascading information throughout the organisation and developing projects based on equality monitoring and feedback and input from staff and tenants
  •  Job Coach supporting people with learning disabilities in to the workplace
  • Involving and raising awareness of all staff, including Property Services, in identifying issues that may be E&D related
  • Proactive engagement with/provision of tailored support services alongside mainstream housing service
  • EIA Panel made up of cross-section of staff and findings inform DDT agenda/priorities
  • Targeted work with particular protected characteristic groups and vulnerable tenants e.g. the Gypsy and Traveller community and women subject to forced marriage
  • Inclusion of tenants in organisation’s E&D mechanisms and structures
  • Good link between E&D and supporting people in to work e.g. promoting employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities

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