Is it in your DNA?

Do you feel that equality and diversity is important? Do you want people to know your organisation has a fantastic track record of knowing your customers?

If you want an accreditation that is straightforward, holistic, robust and reflects the way that housing providers work you need the Diversity Network Accreditation.

We all want to improve our customer’s lives, by delivering excellence through genuine partnerships. HDN has developed a forward thinking and outcome based accreditation model, preparing you for significant change and future success.

What it is and how it works

The accreditation report is assessed by HDN Associates and moderated by a group of multi-skilled professionals, consisting of practitioners in housing and employment, members of the HDN Board and staff. The accreditation comprises of a desktop review, on site interviews with the organisations leaders and staff and customers. It encompasses the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, Human Rights Guidance, the CIH Equality Charter and also considers the opportunity to address new inequalities, new vulnerable groups and more holistic thinking to complement community needs and strategies.

HDN will produce a report and action plan for the organisation along with any recommendations for action. HDN awards distinctions for good practice and these will be displayed on our website and promoted at our conferences, to share learning.

Find our who has achieved the award so far – DNA Awards

The DNA Accreditation symbol is awarded to everyone who meets the standard.

Organisations are assessed under three broad strands, as follows:

The Business Impact:

  • Understand the local operating context and local priorities.
  • Leadership, Governance and Business objectives for diversity in the local context.
  • Workforce planning, positive action to address under-representation of specific groups, including training and recruitment of staff.
  • Access to any differential performance for diverse groups and how this is being addressed.
  • Partnerships formed to increase your capacity to address equality matters, for example with local groups and organisations and any positive procurement practices.

The Customer Impact:

  • Progress on collecting customer insight and the outcomes for customers as a result of this work
  • Outcomes for vulnerable and diverse service users
  • Training of involved customers in diversity matters and actions being taken to make involvement inclusive
  • Review your planning for welfare reform, including safeguarding and support to vulnerable groups

The Community Impact:

  • Review any partnerships which support financial inclusion and money management
  • Review joint or organisational arrangements which address worklessness and training, including volunteering opportunities and supporting people into work
  • Review the outcomes of the impact beyond the housing customer base of specific local initiatives. For example, initiatives in health; or crime; or homelessness/housing options; or supported living, or digital inclusion; or for specific equality groups.

What are the Costs?

DNA is a cost effective way to get an independent check on your equality, diversity and inclusion performance. The cost for DNA will depend on the size and complexity of your organisation. As with many of our services, there is a discount for HDN members. Please contact us for further details about pricing.

“At Swan we are committed to tackling the equality issues that matter most to our residents, customers and employees. We wanted an external accreditation that would test our own view that our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion is robust and effective. We chose the Housing Diversity Network Accreditation (Housing DNA) as it is straightforward, holistic and outcome-focused. It provided us with a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and share our achievements, and helped us to identify opportunities for further improvement.
If you want an accreditation that will celebrate your commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and help you do more, we would recommend the Housing DNA.”

Sandra Fawcett, Executive Director – Operations, Swan Housing Association