Diversity Network Accreditation (DNA) is a forward-thinking outcome-based accreditation framework which provides an independent, robust, and comprehensive assessment of how your organisation is engaging with equality, diversity, and inclusion.

The accreditation is recognition from Housing Diversity Network, the leading specialist body in the sector, that you are achieving positive outcomes for your customers, employees, and ideally the wider community- and that your organisation has in place effective leadership, policies and processes which help you achieve this.

DNA was first developed by HDN in conjunction with members in 2012, and has been regularly expanded and revised ever since, with a 2023 revision that will also be integrating the RACE Equality Code currently underway.

DNA fees are calculated according to the size and complexity of the organisation that is undergoing the assessment. Members of HDN receive a substantial discount.

Accredited organisations include…

How does it work?

Diversity Network Assessment blends evaluation of formal aspects (such as policy, structure, strategy) with informal aspects (such as culture, values, behaviours) to determine the affect they have on people and activities. We aim to not only encompass legal and regulatory requirements in our assessment, but also to appraise how ED&I is embedded at the heart of your organisation.

We look at your data, policies and procedures in a desktop review, and back this up with interviews with key people and some focus groups with staff and customers. We come to a judgement based on the evidence presented as to whether you are awarded the DNA.

DNA is not however just for those organisations who are confident that they are where they want to be in regard to their approach. Many choose to use the initial assessment process to validate and enhance their current activity, and then re-visit and obtain the accreditation 6-12 months further down the line.

Regardless of whether accreditation is attained after the first assessment, HDN will leave you with further challenges and strategic recommendations for the future and help you with initiatives that others have tried which might be suitable for your organisation.

Once we’ve got all the information from you to make our initial assessment, the whole process takes about 12 weeks from start to finish. Generally, we can work towards a timetable to suit you.

On completion of the DNA, you will receive a certificate of the award with any distinctions, use of the DNA logo, and a plaque which you can display with pride.

What will we assess?

The DNA assessment criteria focuses on four core areas: Your Leadership and Strategic Focus, Your Workforce, Your Customers, and Your Community.

Within these, we will look at evidence across a range of competencies, including:

Your Leadership and Strategic Focus

Your Workforce

Your Customers

Your Community

So why choose DNA?

Testimonials from organisations who have been awarded the DNA

For further details on the Diversity Network Accreditation, including pricing structures.

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