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With the increased focus on mental health, what can your housing organisation do? Learn from best practice and explore the agenda further.

About this Event

We know that housing is a key factor in people’s mental health. Good quality affordable housing is a vital component to good mental health, as well as support being made available to those with existing conditions.

Tony Stacey, Chief Executive of SYHA will talk about ‘Five ways to wellbeing – the SYHA approach to good work, good mental health and good systems.’

Tony will cover SYHA’s whole person and whole system approach and will cover their Randomised Control trial on work and mental health, their Housing First and other housing and mental health schemes and their approach to staff wellbeing.

Anita Birchall from HDN will lead a conversation about mental health and explore ways to become more aware, more confident and therefore more inclusive in our personal and professional lives.

In most cultures throughout history mental illness has been viewed as a religious or moral problem and associated with evil spirits or demons. Treatments were barbaric and people were often removed from mainstream society and kept locked up and out of sight.

We have moved a long way from that position in recent years, however many people still feel unsure and uncomfortable about what to do or say to someone with mental health issues.

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