Awarded the DNA on 21st May 2012 with 10 Distinctions.







Peter Mercer, Chief Executive and Cam Kinsella-Drew, Equality & Diversity Officer, collected their award from Trevor Philips at our joint conference with the CIH on the 11th July in London.

“We at GGHT are extremely proud of becoming the first housing organisation in the UK to be awarded with the DNA!  Doing the accreditation was a great way of highlighting areas of strength within the organisation and also a great way of validating the hard work all the staff do on a daily basis.  The accreditation was carried out in partnership with our customers and partners because our whole ethos around inclusion is ‘working together.’  Integrating equality & diversity into every area of the organisation is key to achieving an inclusive organisation.  We intend to build on the distinctions we achieved and continue along our journey of understanding difference.” Cam Kinsella- Drew
“GGHT were really proud to become the first housing organisation in the UK to be awarded the DNA Accreditation for our work around inclusion.  Being Inclusive is a priority for GGHT because you can create efficiencies through delivering tailored services and also ensure people reach their full potential.  The assessment process itself was unintrusive and enjoyable for all who were involved – the customers, staff and partners involved were given a sense of empowerment as they contributed towards us being awarded.  The assessor was both professional and helpful and we really valued another set of eyes evaluating the work that we do.  In a climate were regulation is less prescriptive, it’s nice to be recognised for positive work and also supported to improve further.” Peter Mercer
Distinctions awarded to GGHT :
2)            Working Together Group
5)            Diversity themed months
6)            Annual Report Diversity
7)            Youth work (YVoW)
8)            Worklessness Strategy
9)            Quality of Life for Longford
10)          Pre tenancy Service