Title of consultation: Code of Governance Review
Source of consultation: National Housing Federation
Date: 9th March 2020

HDN’s Response to the NHF Code of Guidance

We have responded to the National Housing Federation’s consultation on its revised Code of Guidance. Our response sets out the key principles which we believe will fundamentally enhance and contribute to the development of governance and leadership in the housing sector.

We set out the case for greater diversity in board recruitment and composition as well enabling authentic diverse contributions. We believe that the rhetoric surrounding the strong case for boardroom diversity has seldom been matched by performance.

Overall, we believe that revised code of governance needs to be unequivocal on the ethical and business needs for diversity so that governance is best placed to deliver on its responsibilities.

The revised code should therefore make equality and diversity more prominent and permeate throughout the code, as well as ensuring that organisations are more inclusive in terms of their leadership, workforce and service delivery. A token adherence to a set of principles is not enough and the code should set out accountability requirements that are dedicated to equality and diversity, and enable non-compliance statements and exception reports to be monitored and addressed.

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