John has been a fantastic mentor and I can’t thank him enough. I do believe he had a big part to play in me successfully achieving a permanent position in my current role. He gave me really good advice on certain aspects of work, such as time management and being assertive in the role, which gave me more confidence in the job I do.

It was great just to be able to have that informal, confidential chat with someone who has a variety of experiences and most of all, is willing to talk openly and honestly about them.

John put 100% effort and hard work into our one to one sessions, making me really think about different aspects of my work life and how I react to situations to make me more assertive, helping me to fulfil my potential, see the positive in any given situation and respond positively to help me succeed at work and continuously learn.

Johns mentoring style really worked well for me, he really made me think, asking lots of questions to allow me to reflect on my own personality and the actions I have taken by constantly asking ‘why?’  Not only this but he gave me lots of reading materials and information to take away. I feel the sessions were really valuable as he gave up a big part of his time having sessions with me but also all the work he prepared before the sessions. Listening to me and helping in every possible way he could. After each session Id leave feeling really motivated.

Mentee – Nicole Nunn, Cestria Community Housing

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