Housing Diversity Network are proud Winners of 2016 CIPD Award for Best Coaching & Mentoring Initiative.




At its annual Awards ceremony, showcasing excellence in all aspects of people and organisation management, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has honoured Housing Diversity Network’s national Staff Mentoring Programme.
HDN’s Joint Chief Executives, Sallie Bridgen and Alison Burns, said

“We are delighted at the success of the Mentoring Programme. This Award recognised the importance of mentoring in delivering clear and tangible results for organisations and their employees; particularly in sectors facing great challenge. We are proud that our Mentoring Programme has delivered genuine positive change – greatly increasing the confidence, success and sense of possibility for mentees. The Mentoring Programme is at the heart of HDN’s work, supporting organisations to capitalise on the full diversity of their employees, and in turn developing greater diversity amongst their future leaders.”


What the CIPD judges said about the Housing Diversity Network (HDN) Staff Mentoring Programme:

“…The judges… were able to see a wealth of impacts and results… The flexibility of the programme is exceptional…the structure was an excellent one… and likely to deliver impressive behavioural change… the deal for organisations is brilliant and clear that this work is for societal and sector good…”

At a time of considerable upheaval across the social housing sector, it is crucial that employees maintain their confidence and resilience, and continue to achieve their full potential in contributing to the essential work of social housing providers.

Since its inception our Staff Mentoring Programme has enabled over 1,250 employees, from a great variety of providers, to take part in an initiative that harnesses the wisdom of hundreds of mentors with leadership experience from across the sector; and specialist insight and knowledge directly relating to the day to day work of mentees.

“…My mentor has been a great source of positive encouragement and has provided so much support – especially during this time of change, she has been a source of stability….”

“…As I’m going through an organisational re-structure my Mentor allowed me to explore my options and gain an outside impartial perspective on the situation…”

Yorkshire & Humberside Mentees


The Programme offers a special blend of one to one mentoring sessions, structured group learning, reflective practice, access to networking opportunities and support across the year – and has enabled mentees to gain significantly in confidence. As a result of their experience on the 2015/16 Programme, over half of mentees took on more responsibility, a new role or achieved a promotion.

“…My confidence has increased and I feel better prepared to fulfil my role… As a result, I have been asked by another manager to act as an internal mentor for a member of her team…”

North West Mentee


“…The class sessions helped to reinforce my knowledge increase my circle of networking contacts and broaden my housing knowledge…”

Yorkshire & Humberside Mentee


The Mentoring Programme is at the heart of HDN’s work to ensure that the sector can capitalise on the full diversity of the people who work within it, and that there are opportunities for all to achieve, progress, and work to their fullest capabilities. The combination of increased confidence and self-efficacy, along with deeper insight into the sector and collaboration with fellow professionals, will also support the sector to develop greater diversity across its leadership.

“…I can honestly say that I would not have had the courage to apply for my current post if it had not been for my employer promoting the HDN scheme and my Mentors encouragement and support…”

East of England Mentee

“…My experience with the programme was beyond words. This is the sort of programme which should be encouraged and opportunities given to as many people as possible…”

Midlands Mentee


The success of the programme is not only a testament to the commitment of people across the sector to develop themselves and each other; but is based on a genuine partnership, characterised by an incredible generosity of spirit. This immense collaboration sees the sector providing the Programme’s mentors; session speakers and trainers; along with many practical facilities. In addition, around 18 housing providers regularly contribute their time and energy to supporting the Programme’s development through the regional Steering Groups; and many more managers at Associations up and down the country ensure the continued success of the programme by championing with their employees.

The programme is run by Kam Urwin, Mentoring Manager at HDN and we are indebted to the rest of the HDN and our extremely talented Staff Mentoring Programme Associates – Gill Cook, Juliet Hancock, Camilla Veale and Sue Waterall – for their longstanding, dedicated development of the programme, and their high quality coordination and delivery, which has ensured its success.

For more information about the programme contact mentoring@housingdiversitynetwork.co.uk or Kam Urwin, Mentoring Manager on 01484 652606 or email kam@housingdiversitynetwork.co.uk .


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