I guess we are all in the process of finalising our business plans for the new financial year and I am looking forward to working with HDN throughout the new business year.

Trevor Philips certainly made some interesting statements around ten things that we know are true but we can’t say around race issues.  I’m interested to note that the EHRC are following up some work in this area around equal pay and access to civil justice.

They’re also doing some work to look at the relationship between attitudes values and behaviours and some of this will complement the work that the Centre for Local Economic Studies are planning around the business benefits of embracing diversity and delivering equality.

I am delighted that some of the events Places for People HDN and Enact Drama Solutions are running are profiled in the HDN newsletter I look forward to seeing you at some of these excellent value events.

The CIH Presidential Commission around leadership and diversity is now taking shape and I will be running a workshop on this with one of my Commission members at the CIH equivalent conference in Wales on 29th April.

Clifton has made reference to the HouseProud North West launch and this is certainly an interesting activity.  I note that the North East have been doing some interesting work around benchmarking and I urge you all to look seriously at the DNA HDN accreditation.

I am interested to find out about the wake up to values work and look to see some of the outcomes with interest.

Our mentoring programmes are going from strength to strength and the Board mentoring appears to be taking a real move forward and good luck to its National Advisory Board and well done to Clifton for putting the work in to make this a success.

The election is upon us and this will be an interesting time and who knows what further skeletons will come out of the cupboard next time I write as part of our ebriefing.



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