By Katie Haniford, A2 Dominion mentee (July 2014)

Last year my boss came to me,
And asked, would I join the mentoring scheme.
I would be the guinea pig for L&D
(That’s learning & development, just so you’re with me)
I’d be the woman on the inside, to see how it works,
And developing myself was one of the perks.
So my personal journey, where to start?
I suppose I’ll be honest, let it come from the heart.
I was really nervous attending the first meet,
And survived it because everyone was really sweet.
No one really knew what to expect,
But most were at an impass, I recollect.
I was assigned a mentor who has done this before.
She was great at listening and getting me to tell her more.
I said, “Sue, what do I do?”
She said, “Don’t worry I’ll help you through.”
Then she helped me focus, found out what I want to do.
She gave me guidance and confidence too.
I found things in common with my fellow mentees,
Even if I’m an I and they’re D’s, S’ s and C’s.
Through them I gained insight and realised,
How I may be seen in other people’s eyes.
And that whilst my work style can be great,
On other people’s nerves it may also, grate.
Talking through problems, exasperations and fears,
Helped me gain more perspective than I’ve had in years.
This L&D Assistant had to become a bit braver,
And it’s paid off and done me a favour,
Because my role will soon be L&D Coordinator.
And I’m a better facilitator.
Even directors agree,
And that’s thanks to feedback thoughtfully given to me.
Though I still have a journey to undergo,
I have a better idea of the path I must follow.
Thank you everyone for your support so far,
I wish you all bright futures whatever they are.

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