Do you want to strengthen your governance and diversity?


The programme is suitable for:

  • Board Members who are new to Governance, or new to the Housing sector – to rapidly get up to speed on the challenges facing the sector, how other housing associations are responding and build a network of colleagues.
  • Board Members who are considering becoming Chairs or Deputy Chairs – to deepen and consolidate knowledge and share experience with sector leaders.
  • Board Members of tomorrow – to help develop greater diversity on Boards and succession planning by growing talent, either in existing staff members or engaged tenants.

“The programme is visionary and mentoring should become part of the basic support for all Board members.
David Orr, Chief Executive, National Housing Federation


The programme offers:

  • Four meetings with a carefully selected mentor.
  • Expert speakers from the HCA, NHF, National Federation of ALMOs and others.
  • Learn from fellow board members of different organisations facing similar challenges in a safe learning environment.
  • Content includes understanding finance, value for money, excellence in governance, development, board dynamics, role of board members and much more.
  • Outcomes include increased confidence, self-awareness, different perspectives and new networks.

  How to apply: To apply and complete an application form, click here

“The programme was fantastic”

“Nothing could have prepared me for how effective the course has made me.

“Excellent programme that I recommend to all board members.”

The programme includes:

  • Tailored one-to-one mentoring sessions with a carefully matched and trained external mentor.
  • A 360 degree feedback tool and one-to-one coaching session at the start.
  • Group workshops which focus on current issues and challenges within the regulatory, social and economic environment with speakers from across the sector.

Please find links below, to access timetables for the 2017-18 North and South programme;


 “Two Board members from Peter Bedford Housing Association have been on the programme, it helped them increase their confidence at meetings, prepare to ask meaningful incisive questions and understand the
challenges facing the sector in the coming years.

The programme offers good value for money and I would recommend it to you and your Board.”
Clare Norton, Chief Executive of Peter Bedford Housing Association
and Chair of the G320

Hear what past participants have to say about the programme here.

Watch the videos below to get a flavour of the the programme.


More information on the programme can be found in our brochure here:Board Mentoring Programme
“The programme balances a programme of structured learning, with a strong focus on risk, regulation and value for money, with Mentoring that concentrates on the equally-important softer skills and behaviours needed for effective governance.”

Alison Inman, Vice-President CIH


“All housing providers are facing challenging times. Board members need to step up by supporting, challenging and assisting their executive teams. Mentoring programmes can provide Board members with the tools and confidence required to undertake their roles more effectively.”
Eamon McGoldrick, Managing Director
National Federation of ALMOs

For more information please contact us at or call us on 01484 652 606.


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