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The HDN Senior Manager Mentoring Programme is a tailored package of support that is designed to meet the needs of Senior Managers and Directors. This has been developed to cater for the needs of those for which the Housing Diversity Network Edge Forward Staff Mentoring Programme is not suitable. We provide an overview of the service below. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Initial Discussion, Matching and psychometric profiling

At the start of the process, you will have a discussion with the HDN Mentoring Associate who will:

–          Ensure you are clear about what a mentoring relationship can provide

–          Discuss the issues you would like to cover or address

–          Outline the support that will be provided

You will also be provided with a Mentoring Contract and Personal Development Log (PDL). Included in the service is a Personality Performance Indicator profile and report which the mentoring associate will discuss with you. This may help you identify areas to work on with your mentor. We can also include a 360 profiling report, again what this involves can be discussed with the HDN Mentoring Associate.


Mentoring consists of four one-to-one sessions with a Mentor, tailored towards your individual needs.  Mentors are experienced managers and leaders in the housing sector who are highly trained in getting the best from the people they mentor.  HDN will take time to match you with the right mentor, someone with the skills and experience you will benefit from, in the geographical location that suits you.

Our mentors will work with you in 4 one- to-one sessions and additionally give you email and telephone support as you need it.  They will work with you to:

  • Share their learning and good practice
  • Give you a confidential and objective ear as you work through issues and concerns
  • Challenge you to apply your learning in practical ways
  • Provide feedback, support and encouragement so that you can build on your strengths, develop your skills and continue to learn and improve

Ongoing Support

Throughout the mentoring process, the HDN Mentoring Associate is available to provide support to both the mentee and mentor. This can include signposting to additional resources and advice on particular topics, e.g. relevant leadership questionnaires, as well as discussions around the mentoring relationship itself.


The particular outcomes that will be obtained from the mentoring relationship will be discussed at the outset. The type of outcomes with regard to skills development and learning outcomes that are likely to be achieved are shown below:

Overall Skills Development

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Personal presentation and influencing
  • Self-awareness and reflection
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Team working
  • Self-management

Overall Learning Outcomes to be achieved

  • Enhanced self awareness and understanding of the impact of your behaviour on achieving your objectives and influencing others
  • Greater understanding of team working and your role in team performance
  • Managing and responding positively to change
  • Understanding the importance of networking for personal and professional development externally and within your organisation
  • Increased knowledge, understanding and insight about the housing sector

For further information on the HDN Senior Manager Mentoring service, including costs, please contact us on 01484 652 606 or email info@housingdiversitynetwork.co.uk.


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