Tenant Mentoring Project in Partnership with Liverpool Mutual Homes


Housing Diversity Network are working with Liverpool Mutual Homes to pilot an exciting and innovative Tenant Mentoring Project. More information is provided below but if you would like to discuss this project then please get in touch.


What is it?

A programme to match tenant mentees from one organisation with staff mentors from another.


– Support tenants in search for employment and career development

– Complement existing employment support services

How Will it Work?

– Group of tenants identified and selected as mentees

– Staff identified as mentors

– Four one to one meetings with their mentor

– Four facilitated sessions for mentees covering:

Self-awareness and personal goals for the project

Working in the housing & social care sector

Networking and applying for jobs


Benefits to Landlord

– Support tenants into employment

– Can link to strategies to employ residents in their own organisation

– Can support tenants to access involvement/Governance opportunities


Benefits to tenants

– Opportunity to reflect on current position

– Support from someone already in the sector about how to access opportunities


To find out more:

For further information on the pilot or to stay in touch for future developments please contact Andrew Petrie at HDN.


Tel: 01484 652606