Sample Training Resources

On this page you will find examples and extracts of resources that members of Housing Diversity Network can access as part of their annual membership.

For other benefits of membership

The files below provide the resources you need to deliver an introduction to equality and diversity training session. The materials provided include:

Introduction to Equality and Diversity

The file below is an extract from the trainers pack that is provided along with a powerpoint presentation for HDN members. The full pack provides the resources you need to deliver an introduction to equality and diversity training session. The materials can be adapted to your own organisation and tailored to a range of audiences. 

Diversity and Customer Service Video

The video is an extract of one of three videos provided to explore customer service in a housing context.

The scenes provide situations designed to provoke discussion around what is appropriate customer service and the potential impacts of getting it right or wrong.

There is an accompanying audio piece and training notes (sample provided below) that provide suggestions for discussions and a structure for the training. These resources were developed with Enact Solutions, a drama based training provider that Housing Diversity Network has worked with for several years.

Handbooks, Toolkits and Toolbox Talks

In partnership with Places for People we have made available some comprehensive documents and resources.

They are intended to complement your own information and adapted to your needs.

The extracts below give an outline of the material. Currently, HDN members have access to a Diversity Handbook (213 pages), Language Phrase Book (23 pages), Little Diversity Toolkit (42 pages) and two Toolbox Talks Training packs (75 pages each).

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