Rebecca Asady ,Equity Housing Group

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“The programme has exceeded my expectations in its ability to embed learning, engender reflection in one’s own skills and create lasting relationships with people across the sector.  Participants were invited to partake in workshops that sought both to compound and expand our understanding of the operating environment.  Interactive talks were received from the HCA and the National Federation of ALMOs, amongst others, giving an overview of the breadth of the sector whilst providing practical guidance.  Our group was nurtured by the course leader to form a frank and constructive environment, encouraging learning opportunities and the exchange of experiences, leading to in-depth knowledge.  My assigned mentor has been an invaluable rock with whom I have been able to share experiences and questions and have been sensitively guided towards developing in my role. 
The strength of this programme has been in the engagement of the people involved, with the agenda being fluidly shaped to the groups’ needs.  I feel I have undertaken a full review of my abilities and consider I am able to perform better as a board member for the overriding benefit of my association’s customers.”

Mentee on the 2016-17 Board Mentoring Programme


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