We seek enthusiastic, exceptional individuals to become mentors who want to build their own skills in particular in coaching and mentoring and want to share their knowledge and experience of working in housing to develop and support staff in the sector.

We seek staff who wish to become mentees, who are ready to take advantage of this unique opportunity to be accelerated in their personal development and be supported by mentors to overcome barriers to their progression in the workplace. 

“I think the programme was excellent. It covered a huge variety of subjects and was a valuable experience being able to meet other people from all aspects of Housing and sharing ideas.” Mentee 2017

“Brilliant work on Leadership and Management as well as self-awareness and discussions around assertiveness” Mentee 2017

It’s more important than ever to support your staff in managing the critical changes taking place in the sector, whether it be restructures, redundancies, increased workloads and responsibilities with fewer resources. Mentoring can help your staff through tough times, build resilience and support diversity whilst making the most of your talent.

For more information or to apply, please click here. The deadline for all applications is Friday 6th July 2018.