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COVID-19 is an indiscriminate disease, but it is by no means a leveller, as expert speakers on our webinars and our HDN mentors agree. The pandemic has thrown up bigger challenges for those already in need of the most help.

A crisis such as the global spread of COVID 19 can bring people together; we must ensure that everyone is included.      

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Communication is critical in any organisation and particularly for us as a network.

So we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new message board for members, where we ask you to post up questions, discussions and good news; and we hope this will become a great resource for us all, as we work together to keep improving diversity, equality and inclusion in the housing sector and beyond.

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Senior Consultants

We’re always on the lookout for consultants to join our fantastic team.

HDN is an organisation with a bold social mission – we work with housing organisations and charities in a truly transformative way, developing the strategic plans, systems and the processes they need to become be more inclusive in these rapidly changing times.

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