Social Mobility Diagnostic

In much of our work we recognise that social class or a household’s socio-economic circumstances are a determinant of your chances of success in life. A focus on social mobility is vital to create a fairer, more equitable society.

Socio-economic diversity has been an understated dimension of diversity especially in the context of boards and executive teams.

Our own research on equality, diversity and inclusion strategies found that addressing socio-economic disparities was an under-reported issue.

We think that it is important that organisations measure social mobility as a diversity metric and build this into their EDI strategies. As a starting point reviewing the socio-economic background of your board and leadership team will help to design your action plan to help improve representation in this area.

We have a social mobility diagnostic, developed by our colleagues at Winmark, which will help you assess the level of social mobility within a particular group in your organisation. The tool can also help to track changes over time and measure the effectiveness of policy interventions.

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