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Do you want to strengthen your governance at Board level?

The HDN Board Accelerator Programme equips new and existing board members with the knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s fast-moving environment. Boards now work in a time of increasing complexity and regulation, and are confronted with a multitude of new risks, challenges and trends. The need for more sophisticated board governance skills has never been greater. our programme draws on thought leadership from sector experts and leading practicing directors to give participants a deep understanding of the emerging issues that the housing sector faces

HDN’s Board Accelerator Programme is designed to increase the capability and confidence of individual board members to improve the effectiveness of your board and organisation The programme centres on practical, interactive training delivered by expert trainers with extensive board experience It is a development programme which enhances strategic thinking and examines both regulatory requirements and current and emerging challenges in the housing sector.

People often ask what is the difference between this and the Board Trainee Programme? Our response is that this programme is for existing board members and the trainee programme for aspiring board members.

Entrants to the programme can therefore be at any level of experience as a board member, from entrants to experienced chairs. The programme combines workshop sessions (both in person and virtual) with mentoring sessions. The Programme is specifically focussed on the needs of the board member and the sponsoring organisation.

I now see my role as ‘raising the red flag’. I am prepared to speak up about the elephant in the room. If you don’t do this, that is when the organisation will get into trouble.

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Participating organisations derive multiple benefits from the programme. The mentoring element especially develops board members who are who are more knowledgeable, confident, effective and more diverse in their thought and contribution. Many programme participants have taken up key positions as chairs of committees, or the board itself.

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Mahara Haque
Mahara HaqueBerneslai Homes
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I'm a lot more confident in my ability as a Board Member now, than I was 18 months ago when I was starting this journey. I think a massive part of that was the mentoring I had as part of the programme. My mentor was a 'rock' throughout the whole process and we still meet up, beyond the HDN programme. They've been great at helping me - by discussing issues and working through things together - they've been amazing. My Strengthscope feedback was really good and there is so much content in the programme. Overall, I've taken a lot out of the Board Accelerator Programme.

We would be happy to talk to you about the programme, to share experience and to tailor the package you need to suit your own organisation.

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