HDN specialises in providing in-house training on topics relating to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Our training is specifically designed with housing professionals in mind, and can be delivered for organisations of any size - from those with a small, local team, to those with thousands of employees working nationwide.

Essential Topics

Workshops to provide both an introductory-level overview of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and to cover some of the topics in more depth for participants to gain a fuller understanding.

Bespoke Training

HDN can work with you to create bespoke training โ€“ from a one-off session for a particular team or group of colleagues to organisation-wide training programmes for delivery over a period of time.

Workshops for leaders and managers

To build an inclusive workplace, culture, and service offering, it is essential that those leading an organisation place the high level of importance on EDI that it deserves.

The HDN team works closely with practitioners, regulatory and trade bodies and experts from across the housing sector and outside of it to understand the challenges organisations face. This allows us to support individuals and organisations with training and consultancy suited to wherever they are in their journey – whether they are starting at the beginning or looking to improve already good practice.

We offer sessions that are tailored to different levels of an organisation, from maintenance operatives and those working out and about in communities, to central services, to boards and committees. We have also created an Institute Approved leadership development programme for first-time line managers.

Our training will bring real value to your organisation; we design it to be participative, thought-provoking and enjoyable (albeit sometimes uncomfortable). Subject matter experts and those with lived experience of minoritised identities are key contributors to content, and our trainers are experienced facilitators who will guide and support everyone through the sessions, making sure that the training has maximum impact.

Most sessions can be delivered either virtually or in-person. In addition to the topics outlined here, HDN can also develop bespoke one-off sessions or ongoing training programmes suited to the exact needs of your organisation.

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