Essential Topics

HDN has created these workshops to provide both an introductory-level overview of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and to cover some of the topics in more depth for participants to gain a fuller understanding.

All sessions can be delivered either virtually or in person. For more information, to book, or if there are other topics you would like to see covered here, please email

The workshops can be tailored to your organisation around the core content, but if you require something different, please see our Bespoke training. 


EDI Foundations

This is an introductory workshop to ensure participants understand the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion - building on any existing training to explore additional concepts that are relevant to the workplace and how participants carry out their day-to-day roles.

LGBTQ+ Awareness and inclusion

This CPD accredited workshop will ensure that participants leave with a comprehensive understanding of LGBTQ+ basics, the issues facing LGBTQ+ communities, and how they can become more inclusive both as both colleagues and service providers.

Disability Awareness and inclusion

This workshop will raise participants’ awareness of their commitment to disability inclusion and where they are considered to be on the journey.

Sexism and Misogyny

This session will provide a practical approach to understanding the impact that sexism and misogyny has in today’s world, in the workplace, in society and for our customers.

Ageism and generational diversity

Ageism affects everyone. Children as young as 4 years old become aware of their culture’s age stereotypes. Over time, these stereotypes inform and guide feelings and behaviours and influence society, workplaces and customers

Hate Crime and Housing Providers

This three-hour workshop will help you and your organisation to provide an evidence-based approach to understanding hate crime, challenging it, and supporting victims

Equality Impact Assessments

This practical and engaging workshop will provide you with the skills and knowledge to carry out EQIAs; a vital step in embedding equality, diversity and inclusion into your organisation.

crescent shaped moon and mosque in front of night cloudy and starry sky. ramadan, the holy month of muslims

Understanding Islam & Muslim Culture​

This CPD accredited cultural competency & Islamophobia awareness workshop will enable participants to gain a good grounding in the Islamic faith and Muslim cultural and traditional practices.

Understanding Neurodiversity

Understanding Neurodiversity

In this session we will explore neurodiversity, we will explore what to consider in creating workplace environments for people with neurodiverse ways of thinking and learning, and focus on taking action to embed inclusive and accessible practices that are underpinned by effective, person led workplace adjustments.

Young psychologist holding hand of her patient in need while consulting her after discussion of problem

Health and Wellbeing Workshop

This workshop invites you to take a moment to think about what you need to do differently to achieve and fulfil your vison of wellbeing...

Stop Racism

Introduction to Anti-Racism

These sessions are designed to help your staff to start thinking about racism and what they can do to combat it within your workplace.


Complaints Handling and EDI

This workshop is designed to increase the ability of the organisation and its people to handle complaints appropriately, in line with the Equality Act and Housing Ombudsman guidance on vulnerability.

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