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Vice-Chair of MHA Board
Manningham Housing Association
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Are you passionate about making a tangible impact on housing needs and fostering positive change in BAME communities? We are excited to announce the opportunity for a dynamic individual to join us as the Vice-Chair of the MHA Board, a key position in our commitment to being a place-shaping landlord.

Position: Vice-Chair of MHA Board
Start: January 2024
Remuneration: £4,670.55 per annum

Why MHA?
At MHA, we believe in investing in neighbourhoods and people to create lasting change. As the Vice-Chair, you will play a crucial role in supporting our mission and addressing housing needs in diverse communities.

About the Role:
As a Non-Executive Vice-Chair, you will work closely with the Chair of the Board, contributing your unique skills, knowledge, and perspective. Your role involves being an additional set of eyes and ears during Board meetings, fostering good chemistry among board members, and stepping into chair meetings when necessary.

* Subscription to a professional membership of your choice
* Paid expenses and tickets to relevant events
* Free in-house training to enhance your skills
* Individual biannual appraisals led by the Chair of the Board

* MHA Board (three evening meetings and two full-day strategic planning meetings per financial year)
* Customer Experience Committee (four evening meetings per financial year)
* HR & Governance Committee (three evening meetings per financial year)

* Board Meetings: Face-to-face at the Bradford Manningham office
* Committee Meetings: Held online

How to Apply:
View the job specifications on our website Jobs | Manningham Housing Association | Bradford and complete the e-form with your CV. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, and interviews will be conducted regularly. Act now to increase your chances of being considered.

Our Location:
Bradford City Centre, West Yorkshire (Candidates must be UK-based.)

Join us in making a positive difference! Apply today and be a part of shaping vibrant, inclusive communities with MHA.
Job Summary

  • Location

    Bradford City Centre, West Yorkshire

  • Organization

    Manningham Housing Association

  • Job Type

  • Salary

    £4,670.55 per annum

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