HDN Board Excellence Programme

  Do you want to strengthen your governance at Board level?

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  • Board Members who are new to Governance, or new to the Housing sector – to rapidly get up to speed on the challenges facing the sector, how other housing associations are responding and build a network of colleagues.
  • Board Members who are considering becoming Chairs or Deputy Chairs – to deepen and consolidate knowledge and share experience with sector leaders.
  • Board Members of tomorrow – to help develop greater diversity on Boards and succession planning by growing talent, either in existing staff members or engaged tenants.
  • Group workshops which focus on current issues and challenges within the regulatory, social and economic environment with speakers from across the sector
    (view draft agendas here).
  • A 360 degree feedback tool and one-to-one coaching session at the start.
  • Tailored one-to-one mentoring sessions with a carefully matched and trained external mentor.

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  • Four meetings with a carefully selected mentor.
  • Expert speakers from the Regulator of Social Housing, NHF, National Federation of ALMOs and others.
  • Content includes understanding finance, value for money, excellence in governance, development, board dynamics, role of board members and much more.
  • Learn from fellow board members of different organisations facing similar challenges in a safe learning environment.
  • Outcomes include increased confidence, self-awareness, different perspectives and new networks.

This is a rolling programme, the next workshop will be taking place on the
17th December 2020

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AHBD & Board Excellence Testimonials

Hear what past participants have to say about the programme below;

I have gained knowledge about ALMOs and about current challenges for organisations operating in London.

We had some really challenging conversations about the quality of governance and how to recognise when things are not going well – this has made me think more deeply about how to recognise/anticipate issues within my own work.

“Having met such a wide range of people from different types of organisations, I am now able to look at issues and opportunities from a broader perspective.”