HDN Mentoring Programme 2020-21

Do you want to invest in your staff so that they are empowered to contribute to your organisation?

It is more important than ever to invest in your staff to get the best from them and ensure your organisation thrives. It is also vital to support them to manage the critical changes taking place in the sector, whether these be restructures, changing responsibilities in roles or new ways of working, helping people to adapt effectively and take advantage of opportunities makes good business sense. HDN Mentoring provides organisations with a value for money approach to supporting and investing in their workforce, with the support and guidance of an award winning mentoring social enterprise with deep roots in the social housing sector.

1.  The programme offers:

2.  The staff mentoring programme is suitable for:

  • Opportunities to engage with senior experienced professionals from across the sector.
  • Opportunities to build networks/relationships with colleagues from different organisations in their region.
  • Increased confidence, self-awareness, resilience and a forum to address challenges.
  • Opportunities to learn from and share experience with colleagues from across the sector.
  • Staff, up to and including first line management level, who would benefit from the full programme of one-to-one meetings with a mentor and group workshops.
  • Managers who would benefit from having a mentor to exchange ideas, gain both support and challenge to develop themselves and their staff.
  • Staff from any background facing barriers to development and career progression.

3.  The programme includes:

4.  How to apply:

  • The programme runs from September to the following July.
  • A full briefing for mentees and mentors at the start of the programme.
  • Five meetings with a mentor.
  • Four group workshops.
  • A national mentoring celebration conference at the end of the programme.
  • A DISC based psychometric profiling personal report

Applications for the 2020-21 programme will open on
Tuesday, 14th April 2020

To apply as a mentee or mentor on the programme, please complete our online application below;

apply here

Closing date for all applications is Friday, 26th June 2020
For further information and guidance about the programme,
please click here

HDN’s mentoring workshops are now CPD accredditted.

Main benefits to mentees/mentors/organisations:

  • CPD accredited workshops and events allow professionals to use the learning time towards individual CPD requirements.
  • Provide structured accredited CPD to delegates.
  • Helps organisations to keep skills and knowledge up to date.
  • The workshops encourage all 3 types of CPD learning – structured/self-directed/reflective.
  • CPD delegate certificates provided.

Why should you be a Mentor?

  • Mentors make positive and long-lasting changes for individuals.
  • Mentors inspire, motivate and challenge.
  • Mentors learn from mentees and continue their own development.
  • Mentors share their experiences, successes and failures to help others.
  • Mentors can network with other mentors regionally and nationally.
  • Mentors are giving something back to help build an inclusive and inspiring sector.

How does the Programme contribute to your organisational objectives?  

The HDN Mentoring programme can contribute/ contributes to a wide range of organisational strategies and objectives around learning and development, diversity, inclusion and talent management. Mentoring also contributes to IIP Standard Framework Indicator 8, so to help your people develop effectively, let HDN Mentoring (to) help you to evidence Learning and Development in the IIP Standard.

“The HDN mentoring programme has been extremely beneficial to me and I would highly recommend it to everyone.  Since joining the programme I have progressed to my first Managerial role within the housing sector. I have developed the lean-in technique to push myself, take all challenges and opportunities in front of me.”

Mentee 2019

“I became a mentor to give something back. People helped me in my career so I decided to help others by sharing my experiences and passing on the lessons I learnt along the way!”

Mentor 2019

“My mentor has helped me to explore and identify my options and next steps in my personal development. I have enjoyed the mentoring workshops and have noted down useful tips, tools and information to help me develop not only in work but in my personal life too.”

Mentee 2019