HDN Mentoring Programme 2018-19



         Do you want to invest in your staff so that they are empowered to contribute to your organisation?


The staff mentoring programme is suitable for:

  • Staff, up to and including first line management level, who would benefit from the full programme of one-to-one meetings with a mentor and group workshops.
  • Managers who would benefit from having a mentor to exchange ideas, gain both support and challenge to develop themselves and their staff.
  • Staff from any background facing barriers to development and career progression.

The programme offers:

  • Opportunities to engage with senior experienced professionals from across the sector.
  • Opportunities to build networks/relationships with colleagues from different organisations in their region.
  • Increased confidence, self-awareness, resilience and a forum to address challenges.
  • Opportunities to learn from and share experience with colleagues from across the sector.

The programme includes:

  • The programme runs from September to the following July
  • A full briefing for mentees and mentors at the start of the programme
  • 5 meetings with a mentor
  • 4 group workshops
  • A national mentoring celebration conference at the end of the programme
  • A DISC based psychometric profiling personal report

How to apply:

To apply and complete an application form, click here

Closing date for applications is Friday, 6th July 2018

“77% grew in confidence”


                              How does the Programme contribute to your organisational objectives?  

The HDN Mentoring programme can contribute/ contributes to a wide range of organisational strategies and objectives around learning and development, diversity, inclusion and talent management.

Mentoring also contributes to IIP Standard Framework Indicator 8, so to help your people develop effectively, let HDN Mentoring (to) help you to evidence Learning and Development in the IIP Standard.


“47% improved their performance in their current job during the programme”


                                                    Empowered Mentees, Effective Organisations


‘The programme helped me learn about my strengths and weaknesses, which will really help me now and in the future within the organisation I work for.’ – Mentee 2017


The video below was put together by one of the London classes in 2016 programme and gives a flavour of the programme.


‘I feel better prepared to take on new challenges as, being a mentor, was something new for me.’ – Mentor 2017


The second video was produced by Tower Hamlets Homes and provides the views and experiences of some of their staff that have taken part in the staff mentoring programme.


It is more important than ever to invest in your staff to get the best from them and ensure your organisation thrives. It is also vital to support them to manage the critical changes taking place in the sector, whether these be restructures, changing responsibilities in roles or new ways of working, helping people to adapt effectively and take advantage of opportunities makes good business sense. HDN Mentoring provides organisations with a value for money approach to supporting and investing in their workforce, with the support and guidance of an award winning mentoring social enterprise with deep roots in the social housing sector.

‘Extremely positive experience. It helped me to achieve what I wanted through the restructure at work and has given me the confidence to look more positively at work and life.’ – Mentee 2017

For more information please contact us at mentoring@housingdiversitynetwork.co.uk or call us on 01484 652 606.


Winner of CIPD People Management Awards 2016 for Best Coaching & Mentoring Initiative!