HDN White Paper 2023

    Download our White Paper to discover how boards play a pivotal role in setting the tone and guiding the strategic direction of an organisation when it comes to EDI. While previously conducted research in this area has focused primarily on the importance of board diversity, codes of governance, and regulation, it has rarely addressed the perspective of board members themselves.

    This HDN White Paper examines the level and means of Board engagement with EDI and offers a comprehensive overview of the current landscape and provides a roadmap for organisations seeking to strengthen their commitment to EDI through better governance.

    Our findings underscore the pivotal role that boards play in shaping the EDI agenda and fostering an inclusive culture within organisations. Our four key recommendations centre on:

    Strengthening the diversity of the board
    Elevating EDI leadership in the organisation
    The importance of collaboration with others in the housing sector
    Ensuring that board members have the knowledge and language to effectively promote EDI

    We’d be delighted to discuss our findings with your team, or better still your board, so please get in touch if you want to discuss things further.

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