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Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and have different skills, qualifications and experience to bring to their work as a coach. Here they have provided a brief portfolio of themselves.

If you feel that working with one of our coaches might benefit you, your team and/or your organisation, get in contact with us, with details about who you think will be a good fit and we will do the rest!

Picture of Anil Farmah

Anil Farmah

Anil holds a CMI Level 7 qualification and is an EMCC Professional member.

Anil is professionally qualified and has over 25 years' experience in Learning and Development. He is passionate about the inclusive development of people and organisational performance. Has successfully initiated, implemented and measured people development projects, with cross sector experience including working in matrix and complex organisational structures. He is a proactive influencer within senior teams and stakeholder's groups across organisations to enable and embed learning and development strategies.

Examples of successes include culture change, leadership and management development, compliance regulation learning, and customer service programmes; as well as frameworks for talent management, behaviours, performance appraisals and EDIB.

Anil says... “Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is very important to me. I am grateful to every coaching opportunity that I have had, they have helped me to make my practice closer and reflective of D&I practice, both in my mindset and actions/language. I have been coaching using a D&I lens, consciously and unconsciously for over 12 years now. I am humbled to know that every experience I go through will help me to make the next one even more rewarding and helpful for my coachees”.

Picture of Anne-Marie Bainbridge

Anne-Marie Bainbridge

Anne-Marie is currently working towards completing the ILM Level 7 in Coaching.
Anne-Marie specialises in coaching and mentoring in the Diversity and Inclusion space, bringing over 20 years of experience in a variety of organisations and sectors, including housing, transport, legal, criminal justice, media, the NHS, education, central and local government.
Recent examples include: working with a Head of School in an International School supporting them to develop strategic thinking on issues around Race in response to the death of George Floyd and the global reaction which had negative impacts on both staff and students; working with middle managers in a large Transport organisation as part of an award winning Equality, Diversity & Inclusion culture change programme, coaching manager’s on an individual basis to explore where they were in their thinking and practice on EDI issues. Once they had attended a two-day residential workshop there was then a follow-up coaching session to review what actions they had implemented; coaching a number of individual managers around different work challenges and supporting them to identify effective solutions; developing a year-long mentoring programme for an organisation wanting to offer internships to black, brown and other minority groups who might not have thought about or had opportunities to work in such an organisation; working with the Senior Leadership Team of an Arts & Heritage organisation to assist them in developing a ‘coaching culture’ which will support the organisation’s commitment to anti-racism and ensuring they are vigilant against all forms of bias and discrimination.
Anne-Marie recognises that coaching and mentoring, if managed strategically, can enhance organisational performance and empower employees to flourish and grow.

Picture of Aubrey Stuart

Aubrey Stuart

Aubrey is a qualified coach and Learning and Development professional with a background in Organisational Development and a reputation as an insightful, collaborative, passionate and inspiring coach, and consultant. He has worked across a wide range of business sectors, becoming experienced in coaching leaders and potential leaders to people who are looking for coaching to support their personal development.
Aubrey’s career journey as a coach and L&D professional over the last 18 years has taken him into the following business sectors: housing sector, public sector, financial services, investment and retail banking, global management consulting, food retail, energy services and more.
Aubrey has a people focused approach to delivery. He has experience of working vertically within large and small organisations and enjoys collaborating closely with clients at organisation, team and individual level.
Aubrey’s coaching style is to work towards creating a safe space/platform. He will use a vast array of tools and techniques to support his coaching practice. He will challenge and support to enable a reset or reframe a belief that might be hindering a person from fulfilling that unforeseen potential.
Aubrey holds an Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, CIPD Post Graduate Degree in Human Resource Management, Psychometric Level A and B Accredited Practitioner, CIPD Certificate in Training and Development and is an IBM-Kenexa Leadership accredited facilitator – High Performance Behaviour for Leaders.
He is also a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Picture of Beverley Ropley-Hylton

Beverley Ropley-Hylton

Beverley has worked for over 30 years in the areas of Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Disabilities, Coaching and Personal Development. Beverley is a qualified Myer Briggs Type Indicator, Strengthscope and NLP, PTLLS practitioner. Beverley has worked in and with the civil service and the housing sector; supporting them in meeting their Diversity and Inclusion strategies as a consultant and coaching their managers and employees.
Beverley has been running her own management consultancy practise for over 12 years, where her interest is to work with people to discover strategies to answer such questions as:
• How do I deal with impostor syndrome?
• How do I raise my profile?
• How to keep motivated?
• What does it take to get promoted within the culture of this organisation?
She uses various tools with her passion to listen, to provide you with the opportunity to focus on your strengths, achievements and moving to your next steps. Beverley believes it is important to lead by example in both her private and professional life to understand how having a growth mindset effects your performance. Beverley enjoys travelling and delights in supporting you on your journey to THRIVE and INSPIRE others.

Picture of Jane Atherton (FCIPD)

Jane Atherton (FCIPD)

Jane Atherton is an Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor and Organisational Development specialist. She established her Organisational Development practice in 2018 after almost thirty years working at a senior level in the social housing sector.
Jane is a qualified coach and holds a Post Graduate degree in Coaching Supervision. She is a qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strengthscope practitioner and uses these to support the people she coaches.
Today, Jane works inside and outside of the housing sector, coaching individuals and teams to help them to raise understanding and awareness, working towards achievement of their goals.

Picture of Marcia Ore

Marcia Ore

Marcia holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Personnel & Business Coaching, a Degree of Master of Arts in Coaching and Mentoring for Personnel, Business & Organisational Development, Master of Science degree in Education, Management and Leadership (included a Coaching & Mentoring module) and a Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring.
A focused, talented, and creative Senior Leader with experience delivering and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies across the public, private and voluntary sectors. A retired Police Officer who has a deep understanding of governance, compliance, and legal responsibilities. Brings to business an established track record of success in delivering tangible business impact through advisory, coaching, and mentorship relationships. Possesses ability and experience in fast-paced and often complex environments, having developed a reputation for consistently demonstrating sound judgment and leadership skills to deliver results.
A seasoned coach and mentor engaging others through active listening and a personable nature; fosters strategic partnerships, and engages diverse stakeholder groups supporting individuals, teams, and organisations to instil a growth mindset to achieve positive change. Critical friend to businesses who can translate complex information will strive to maximise board outcomes and accelerate organisational objectives leveraging a proven track record of success. Will pose challenging questions, provide strategic oversight to ensure accountability, and unite executives under a shared vision. Provides a range of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring, Training and Facilitation services which include conducting equality, diversity, and inclusion audits, assessments, complaint/grievance investigations and supporting Chairs of Grievance and Disciplinary Appeal Hearings, and training content design and delivery. Having recently accepted to join the Board of Trustees for a registered national UK charity that provides independent legally based advice, support, and training to help get the right education for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Increasingly being recognised as a thought leader in the DEI space, having been featured in CIO Views magazine’s edition The Most Influential Leaders in Diversity & Inclusion 2023.

Picture of Sarah Parr

Sarah Parr

Sarah holds an ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring EMCC Accreditation (Foundation) in Team Coaching.
Sarah has worked across a variety of public, private, and third sectors - including a 10-year career with a global professional services firm and a leadership role within a high-growth private-equity backed technology business. Her career now includes a non-executive portfolio, through which she has chosen to support organisations with a strong social purpose. Sarah is currently Chair of Fairoak Housing Association and a Board Member at Regenda. She has extensive experience working with organisations and individuals within the housing sector, including specific experience of coaching Executive Team members and those moving up into roles with increased responsibility such as director-level positions. "My clients tell me that working with me can be like finding a missing jigsaw piece to their puzzle, as I am able to listen, reflect and hold space in a way that facilitates their thinking and provides transformational change. Working together has helped to build confidence in self-trust and explore new ideas."
As a Chartered Accountant and qualified Executive and Team Coach, Sarah brings commercial rigour and strong analytical skills. She understands the challenges and complexities that senior leaders and organisations face - she knows how people think, how organisational cultures develop, and how to cultivate positive teams. This means that together, she and her clients create meaningful, tangible results. Clients like working with Sarah not only for her knowledge and her understanding of stakeholder perspectives, but also for her approachability, her honesty and her sense of humour.

Picture of Sarah Simcoe

Sarah Simcoe

Sarah Simcoe is an executive and management coach, organisational and cultural transformation leader and a respected expert in building and nurturing equitable, diverse and inclusive environments.
Sarah is a qualified coach and mentor and holds a fellowship with the Chartered Management Institute. She is a qualified diversity and equality expert and a qualified access auditor. Sarah takes a person-centred approach to understanding how staff, visitors, customers and volunteers experience places, spaces, policies, practice and culture. Sarah brings her knowledge experience alongside her client's knowledge and experience, to support them in building their own learning pathway, both personally and for the organisation.
Sarah works across sectors with both national and international organisations. Working as a constructive critical friend that adopts a coaching and consultative approach, Sarah creates safe spaces for her clients to build confidence, improve knowledge and skills and to take a practical approach to embedding values and behaviours that create an environment of belonging.

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