Inclusive Leadership Workshop

"You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time." – Angela Davis

These workshops are designed for leaders across all tiers, starting from those at a team leader or supervisor level and up. These sessions can be delivered either as a Half-Day or Full Day sessions.

The goal of the session is foster meaningful dialogue about diversity among leaders and managers, empowering participants to contemplate inclusive leadership. Our aim is to equip leaders as catalysts for change, driving support for equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.

Learning outcomes:

In addition to those outcomes, the full day course will also:

About your trainer:

Picture of Colin Heyman

Colin Heyman

Colin is a skilled facilitator who has been working in the field of diversity and inclusion, and leadership for over 20
years. His passion for leadership and diversity arises from both his own experiences and from a belief that improving
leadership and diversity practice in organisations is vital to improving people’s lives. He also trains facilitators in facilitation and group dynamics.

Colin aims to support development, change, and learning within organisations, groups and individuals, with a view to improving effective EDI practice that enables organisations and their people to fulfil their potential.

“My clients say that it is less the answers I give that are important to them, and more the questions I ask that get them to think and come up with their own solutions and give them more insight into what is going on in their teams and organisations – and for them personally as well…”

Some of the areas of work that Colin specialises in include:

  • Running Diversity Champions groups to support a group of people across an organisation to improve and embed EDI principles and practice. The programme he facilitated at the University of South Wales, Fair Play 30, won the Guardian Universities award for ‘Advancing Staff Equality’.
  • EDI training on a variety of topics, working with global majority colleagues on the topics of white privilege and antiracism.
  • Assisting with Equality Impact Assessments and supporting organisations with their EDI strategies and action plans, including data collection.
  • Leadership development and coaching, helping leaders to develop self-awareness and so they can approach issues in a new or different way -particularly the difficult topics that take up a lot of time and emotional energy.

Colin has an MSc focused on individual, group and organisational change from Guildford University, and an ILM Level 7 qualification in coaching.

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