HDN links up with Liverpool CRCA

    HDN links up with Liverpool CRCA

    The Housing Diversity Network (HDN) is delighted to announce a new collaboration with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

    HDN has been commissioned by the Combined Authority to conduct an equality impact assessment of its current policies in relation to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. This will enable the two like-minded organisations to produce a comprehensive equality scheme which in turn will inform a proactive and good practice led equality action plan for the Combined Authority.

    Following a competitive tender, work starts immediately for HDN, with the Network’s Associate Consultants Yvonne Davies and Sarah Simcoe, both based in the Combined Authority area, forming part of the Project Team carrying out the assessment.

    As well as a review of current policies, the project will include interviews of senior leaders and stakeholders, delivery and analysis of employee surveys and insight from multiple focus groups involving the Combined Authority’s staff and external organisations, with a target date of 18th December 2020 for completion of the report.

    Mushtaq Khan, Chief Executive officer at HDN says: “We are really pleased to be collaborating with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority on this project, and it’s great to collaborate with an authority which has developed a reputation for fairness and which strives to ensure that inclusivity considers staff and all members of the community.”

    The Combined Authority is shortly engaging with stakeholders on its Fair Employment Charter which seeks to address the challenges of low pay and in-work poverty across the region. Its Fairness and Social Justice Advisory Board, set up by Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, aims to ensure that every policy, service and economic initiative is measured against a commitment to deliver a fair and more equal city region.

    “There has been good work going on in the six constituent Local Authorities of the City Region for some time, in an area renowned for its passion to fight for the underprivileged, and we’re very happy to help the Combined Authority build on some strong foundations of fairness,” says Mushtaq.


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