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Why should you be a Mentor?

  • Mentors make positive and long-lasting changes for individuals
  • Mentors inspire, motivate and challenge
  • Mentors learn from mentees and continue their own development
  • Mentors share their experiences, successes and failures to help others
  • Mentors can network with other mentors regionally and nationally
  • Mentors are giving something back to help build an inclusive and inspiring sector

Having a mentor can be one of the most powerful developmental relationships a person will ever experience. Mentoring taps into a basic instinct most people share – the desire to pass on their learning, to help other people develop and fulfil their potential.

Find out how to harness the talent within your organisation to become more diverse, more agile and more representative of your service users.

For more information please contact us at mentoring@housingdiversitynetwork.co.uk or call us on 01484 652 606.

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