Welcome to West Kent!

    Welcome to West Kent! 

    HDN has teamed up with the West Kent Housing Association to support the authority’s ambition to be a regional leader in promoting equality and inclusion.

    From its headquarters in leafy Sevenoaks, West Kent is passionate about the role a housing association can play in society; and that’s what makes it a perfect partner for HDN. Established in 1989, West Kent’s mantra that a good home is a foundation to getting on in life rings as true now as it did then. And the Board is determined to ensure that their vision includes everyone.

    Work is already underway.

    As part of West Kent’s Equality and Diversity Policy the Board has undertaken to use equality impact assessments when designing and reviewing services, and to adopt a fair and open system for selecting board members. And the authority works tirelessly to sustain a culture which reflects and values difference, giving everyone fair access to services and employment opportunities, underlining that commitment by joining forces for good with HDN.

    Heather Brightwell, communities director at West Kent says: “Having reflected on the Black Lives Matter campaign and West Kent’s role as an employer and how we work with our communities, we want to do more to tackle racism and promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

    “We’re looking to make meaningful changes, and the expertise, support and resources HDN offer will help us do that. We’re also keen to talk to and learn from others in the network.”

    Heather Brightwell: “We’re looking to make meaningful changes and HDN will help us do that.”

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