At Housing Diversity Network we work closely with practitioners, regulatory and trade bodies and experts from across the sector and outside of it to understand the challenges organisations face. This places us in a unique position to be able to support individuals and organisations with packages of training and consultancy support, whether they feel they have a long way to go with regard to equality, diversity and inclusion or want to improve already good practice.


We specialise in providing in-house training on equality and diversity issues. For us, promoting equality and valuing diversity are part of every aspect of running a successful business and our training courses reflect that. Our aim is to offer equality and diversity training that brings real value to your organisation and we design and deliver training that is participative, thought-provoking and enjoyable.

We can develop training programmes tailored to your specific requirements. Depending on your needs and objectives, we can plan anything from a single day’s training to a large modular programme that seeks to address equality and diversity training needs across the whole organisation – from frontline staff to contractors and Board and Committee members.

We use an active learning approach. Participants will be fully involved and their background, experience and knowledge will be central to the learning process. Our trainers are experienced facilitators who will guide and support everyone through the day, making sure that the training has maximum impact. The core of our approach is valuing diversity “here and now” – every training day is in itself an opportunity to learn from and appreciate the expression of diverse identities, backgrounds and experiences.

Our own e-learning module on equality and diversity can provide ‘blended learning’ experiences, including support to develop ‘blended learning’ training strategies and programmes.

We can also provide a range of drama based training with our partners at Enact Solutions.

Here are some of the areas we can offer support in:

Organisational Approaches

  • Governance & Diversity
  • Leadership & Managing Diversity
  • Introduction to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Corporate Culture & Diversity
  • Unconscious Bias Training

Implementing Equality & Diversity

  • Equality Monitoring – asking sensitive questions
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Equality Impact Assessments/Analysis
  • Equality Legal Updates and Case Law
  • Train the Equality & Diversity Trainer
  • Customer Insight
  • Disability Access Audits
  • LGBT Awareness & Inclusion
  • Disability Awareness & Inclusion

Staff Development

  • Using Mentoring in your Organisation
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Staff Networks and Support
  • Employment Support for Staff with Disabilities
  • Mental Health at Work
  • Stress Awareness

Working with Tenants and Customers

  • Customer Service
  • Introduction to dealing with Disability Hate Crime
  • Safeguarding


We can work with you and provide support when, how and where you want it. From a half-day critical friend role to get some external input on an area of work to more involved commissions over longer periods of time, we have the skills and expertise available.

The needs of each of our clients is different and we will work with you to make sure we meet those needs and exceed expectations.

We can provide the following roles or services:

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Plan Development
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Healthchecks
  • Equality Audits & Compliance Checks
  • Challenge Days
  • Critical Friend
  • Employee Engagement and Support
  • Tackling Hoarding

Harnessing Board Diversity

There is good acceptance of the need and value of diverse board.  It continues to be difficult to attract and retain those that help boards to better reflect the demography of those in need of social housing in the areas you work in.  Responding to requests, HDN has begun rolling out it this Board Diversity programme.  The key components of the initiative include: a. searching for and identifying candidates for a board-ready talent pool; b. developing these potential and diverse board members through training, exposure and participating in HDN’s board mentoring programme; and c. providing ongoing support and guidance as they take up governance level opportunities as committee members, shadow board members, or elected board members. This initiative integrally supports the existing board to gain best contribution from these diverse board members and also to build a lasting relationship.  Contact us if you think you might benefit from achieving and harnessing board diversity.

Diversity Dividend

The business benefits of diversity, in terms of tenants, staff and board, often are acknowledged but not well understood and evidenced.  In 2018, HDN, partnering with HACT is developing and piloting a tool using business data and metrics for measurement.  It helps to quantify the return on investment in diversity in relation to, for example, improved tenant/staff/board relationships and decision-making, attracting and retaining talented people at all levels, better innovation and creativity that lead to practical and culturally appropriate solutions, reductions in costs due to poor equality and absenteeism, and enhanced service levels and customer satisfaction.  You are invited to join those organisations already on board with the initial roll out of this tool.