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Let’s use ‘Ethnicity Facts and Figures’ to create lasting positive change in housing


Theresa May said of the new ‘Ethnic disparity audit’, "…People who have lived with discrimination don't need a government audit to make them aware of the scale of the challenge…”.  While the audit doesn’t provide any new information, we welcome the Government shining a light on the appalling levels of inequality in our society, and committing to action. In the area of housing alone, the audit data reinforces what we know – that ethnic minority households are more likely to be living in fuel poverty, damp or overcrowded housing than White British households and, despite the myths, are less likely to [...]

Let’s use ‘Ethnicity Facts and Figures’ to create lasting positive change in housing2017-10-16T12:43:13+00:00

HDN Staff Mentoring Changed My Life- Kieran O’Byrne


Last week I shared my first blog about the HDN Mentees Programme. This week I thought I’d share my experience of the classroom sessions we completed. This may be beneficial for those who’ve applied for this year’s programme and anyone who has wondered what’s included in the sessions. I’ll also be adding links to some of the tools we used so that if you’re not on the programme this year, you can see what they look like and maybe even use them yourself. Classroom Sessions The classroom sessions are a great opportunity not only to learn but also to network with [...]

HDN Staff Mentoring Changed My Life- Kieran O’Byrne2017-09-15T11:05:21+00:00

My mentoring Journey at HDN – Kieran O’Byrne


  Now that this year’s HDN Mentees Programme has completed I thought it might be worth sharing my experience of the course, so I’m going to post a couple of blogs about it. This may be beneficial for those who’ve applied for this year’s programme and anyone who has wondered what having a mentor is like. I joined Barnet Homes in August 2010 not knowing anything about housing, literally nothing. I had previously worked in banking and having left that industry in the February of that year, by the August, I really needed a job! I signed up to a recruitment [...]

My mentoring Journey at HDN – Kieran O’Byrne2017-12-20T11:15:13+00:00

My journey as a mentor – Sinead Matthew


                                                                                                                                    An email popped up in my inbox from HDN offering Mentor and Mentee places on their programme. I considered both for a while and then decided because of my successful journey that I’ve experienced whilst working in housing.I had no idea what I was letting myself in for...I filled in the form, sold my soul and hoped for the best. I had previously undertaken some coaching sessions being the coach in my current work place and knew mentoring was on a similar scale. All I knew if I was successful I would be matched with a stranger who worked [...]

My journey as a mentor – Sinead Matthew2017-09-13T09:42:49+00:00

CIH Rising Star – Vicki Maguire


What the HDN Mentoring programme means to me As I look forward to competing as one of the three finalists of this year’s Inside Housing/CIH Rising Stars competition, I wanted to shout about how HDN’s mentoring programme and my mentor, John Ghader (Chief Executive of Prima Group, formerly Pierhead Housing) have helped me to achieve my goals. I set out on the programme in 2016 with two main objectives – to get better at networking, and to improve my confidence and assertiveness. I had a great role as Corporate Strategy Officer, but was still finding my feet after a previous experience [...]

CIH Rising Star – Vicki Maguire2017-05-09T13:05:05+00:00

Can you start a presentation with a picture of a vile racist bigot?


Can you start a presentation with a picture of a vile racist bigot? Those were my thoughts as Sallie Bridgen from HDN opened our session on leadership at a National Housing Federation conference a couple of weeks ago by highlighting things that are currently in the news. The fact that we are discussing this brought home to me the normalisation of a discourse that blames society’s ills on immigrants, and our values of equality, diversity and fairness are relegated to the back burner. We know that this pandering to dark forces in the external agenda comes at a time of change [...]

Can you start a presentation with a picture of a vile racist bigot?2017-03-24T16:00:29+00:00

HDN New Chief Executives


Housing Diversity Network is delighted to announce that Alison Burns and Sallie Bridgen will be joining us as Joint Chief Executives from May 2016. Housing Diversity Network was established in 2002 and since then has gone from strength to strength – in that time we have supported hundreds of organisations and thousands of people, through our hugely successful mentoring programme and other services, to promote equality and celebrate diversity. We have grown to become a national organisation with a high profile and strong impact. With the retirement of our current Chief Executive, Clifton Robinson, at the end of April 2016 we [...]

HDN New Chief Executives2017-03-24T16:02:42+00:00

October eBriefing – Blog by HDN Chair, Jon Prashar


“It's Been a Blast.” I have had some great fun chairing the HDN Board.  I have worked with some incredible people & I am looking forward to continuing to help in the future.  I would never have succeeded without the help of other Board Members & Staff, thanks to you all. HDN is in a good position & I am encouraged by the support & commitment of our staff, member organisations, supporters and partners. I look forward to working with you in the future.  I was interested to note that gay Muslims were doing an awareness campaign earlier this week in Whitechapel, [...]

October eBriefing – Blog by HDN Chair, Jon Prashar2017-03-24T16:03:02+00:00

July eBriefing – Blog by HDN Chair, Jon Prashar


There are certainly some challenging times ahead around Welfare Reform and you will hear more from Housing Diversity Network around this issue. I am excited about the work that Places for People amongst others are sponsoring around the Business Case for Diversity and this should allow us all to look to maximise benefits of best practice.  I am looking at the EHRC report ‘Is Britain Fairer 2015’?  This is certainly an interesting read but I believe this will continue to change. Our mentoring programmes are growing from strength to strength and at present we are grappling with the huge requests for [...]

July eBriefing – Blog by HDN Chair, Jon Prashar2017-03-24T16:03:22+00:00

June eBriefing – Blog by HDN Chair, Jon Prashar


I was interested to see that Clifton had made a reference to a new beginning for equality let’s wait and see.  We’ve certainly been looking at welfare reform and there are some interesting challenges ahead. I am really looking forward to the future HDN briefings particularly the one on governance and diversity. Hope you all enjoy the CIH conference. Clifton’s made reference to the CIH Presidential Commission on Leadership and Diversity, I certainly enjoyed being a Commissioner on this project and I look forward to seeing it grow from strength to strength. The Staff Mentoring Conference was a real success thanks [...]

June eBriefing – Blog by HDN Chair, Jon Prashar2017-03-24T16:06:22+00:00
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