Mentoring Resources for HDN Coordinators


HDN – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
James Souller 3 levels of leadership
Being an Inclusive Leader – Diagram – Thames Valley NHS

Briefing Resources:

Intro to HDN Mentoring Programme 2019-20
HDN 2018 – 19 General Briefing and Mentor Skills Slides on New Branding
Phases of the Mentoring Relationship Slide
HDN Mentoring Programme Guidance
2019-2020 SMP PDL
HDN Mentoring Agreement

Workshop 1:

7 habits Locus of control handout
Belbin Team Roles handout
Blank Wheel of Work
Circle of Influence Handout
Identifying Transferable Skills Handout
Jelly Bean Exercise
Learning Styles Handout
Locus of Control Questionnaire
Recommended reading list
reflection model
TED talks
The STARR technique
Value Descriptor List handout
London & SE HDN Master Slides Class 1 2018-2019
NE and YH Class One Slides Final
NW Class One 15OCT

Workshop 2:

7 habits & Circle of influence
Assertiveness Defitintion
DISC Chart
DISC handout 2
DISC Handout
Evolution of the Employee Graphic
Gibbs Model of Reflection (Condensed Slides Notes)
Reflective leaning and taking action
The STARR technique
The Wheel of Life – Work-Life Balance
London & SE Class 2 – Slides
NE YH HDN Mentoring Class 2 Slides

Workshop 3:

Change curve
Conflict Questionnaire
Dealing with Workplace Problems – An Assertiveness Strategy
Force Field Analysis – Template
HDN Mentoring Class 3 – Assertiveness Defitintion & exercise
Messages we may learn about behaviour
Pesonal Impact and Presence – 10 Top Tips
Policy essay 12 – social housing’s alternative futures
Stress Awareness Test
swot analysis matrix explanation
Team Assessment
What is Stress
London Class 3 Challenges and Oppportunities- March 2019
NEand YH Class 3 Slides
NW Class 3 Slides 6th March 2019

Workshop 4:

Competency questions for Interviews 1
Competency questions for interviews 2
CV job achievements
CV marking scheme
CV profile exercise
STARR Activity sheet with example
STARR Checklist for interview questions
The STARR technique
HDN Mentoring Class 4 LFHA
HDN Mentoring Class 4 Midlands – 29.5.19
London Class 4 – Moving Forward 2019

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