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SMP Registration is now open!

2 May 2024 Newsletter
Registration for our Staff Mentoring Programme is now open...

What a great day we had in Leeds!

19 April 2024 Newsletter
A big thank you to everyone who joined us in Leeds yesterday for our Board Diversity Conference

Ethnicity facts and figures

4 April 2024 Newsletter
Britain as we see it today is a nation that has threads of inequality woven deeply into its fabricy...

Call for Speakers!

21 March 2024 Newsletter
We're excited to announce that HDN's Autumn Conference will take place in Birmingham on 3rd October 2024...

Farewell but not goodbye

7 March 2024 Newsletter
Moreen will be leaving her post as Programmes Manager at HDN, after six and a half years...

Racism Goes Beyond Individuals and Organisations

22 February 2024 Newsletter
In recent weeks people have been asking us here at Housing Diversity Network to comment on or ‘call out’ individuals or organisations...

Reflections on My First Week

8 February 2024 Newsletter
Caithlin's first week is completed! She'd love to say a hello to everyone via this newsletter and hopes to get to know everyone in time...

Events for Board Members

25 January 2024 Newsletter
What is the role and responsibility of a board? What are the trends in housing regulation? How can we champion equality and diversity in a board setting?...

What a start to the year!

11 January 2024 Newsletter
Housing Diversity Network is thrilled to announce that on Tuesday evening we were honoured with the...

What a year its been at HDN!

21 December 2023 Newsletter
We at Housing Diversity Network are proud to have accomplished so much in the last year!...

The Effect of Equality and Diversity Training for Boards

7 December 2023 Newsletter
We get asked this question from time to time; Do I actually have to have some equality and diversity training with my board?...

Disability History Month

23 November 2023 Newsletter
This month is UK Disability History Month, which was established to promote understanding, celebrate the achievements of disabled individuals...

Breaking Barriers in Birmingham!

10 November 2023 Newsletter
We are still buzzing from the exciting energy of our third Autumn Conference held on Monday at the Eastside Rooms Conference Centre in Birmingham...

HDN Christmas Quiz

26 October 2023 Newsletter
As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to create an event that would allow us all to come together in celebration of the festive season...

HDN Coaching Offer Coming Soon!

12 October 2023 Newsletter
At HDN, we place emphasis on inclusivity and diversity to ensure that our members receive coaching that speaks directly to their individual situations...

Theo joins us in Birmingham

28 September 2023 Newsletter
With just six weeks to go, all roads lead to Birmingham for the third of our annual Autumn conferences, this year titled Breaking Barriers...

Happy Birthday to Us!

15 September 2023 Newsletter
Well can you believe it? The Housing Diversity Network is 20 years old and we celebrated our anniversary last week at the House of Lords...

Driving Diversity and Inclusion: The Role of Boards

7 September 2023 Newsletter
Read our White Paper to discover how boards play a pivotal role in setting the tone and guiding the strategic direction...

Autumn Conference Tickets now on Sale!

17 August 2023 Newsletter
The sun is shining and it looks like we’re still in with a chance of summer arriving before September is over but...

Our new Website is here!

3 August 2023 Newsletter
Hot on the heels of our Community Area launch, which opened two weeks ago, we’re now thrilled to announce the arrival of our new website.

Welcome to the HDN Community Area!

20 July 2023 Newsletter
Here at HDN we’re passionate about the betterment of people’s lives, in the housing sector and beyond, and networking is one of the cornerstones of our work.

Mad for it in Manchester!

6 July 2023 Newsletter
It was great to see so many of our friends and partners at the CIH annual conference in Manchester last week and at our networking mixer on Thursday.

How Strong is your Board?

14 June 2023 Newsletter
Here at HDN a cornerstone of our strategy is to strengthen housing association boards the length and breadth of the country...

Learn more about the Black History Month 365 Fund

1 June 2023 Newsletter
Since its launch in 2021 the Black History Month 365 Fund has distributed over £13k to 29 organisations.

Sheila’s Here!

11 May 2023 Newsletter
Moreen and Ruth have been in celebratory mood over the weekend because the Staff Mentoring Programme has had a springtime boost...

Better Social Housing – a Practical Response

27 April 2023 Newsletter
The Better Social Housing Review has been published, making recommendations to housing associations...

Welcome to our new Board Members

14 April 2023 Newsletter
HDN is bolstering its leadership team and we’re delighted to announce the arrival.

Board Diversity Conference Special

22 March 2023 Newsletter
Last week we were in sunny Manchester for our first ever Board Diversity Conference

Data Matters

02 March 2023 Newsletter
At HDN we strongly believe there is a need for the housing sector to modernise the way in which we collect

See You In Manchester!

17 February 2023 Newsletter
HDN is a network; and there is nothing we love more than to meet with old friends and new to share

Remembering the Holocaust.

26 January 2023 Newsletter
27th January marks the 78th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland and

Here’s to 2023 and Some Well Deserved Cheer!

13 January 2023 Newsletter
Happy New Year to all our members, friends, partners and associates; from all of us here at HDN

Season’s Goodwill and Happy New Year!

21 December 2022 Newsletter
Well friends, to paraphrase the great John Lennon, ‘another year is almost over and a new one is about to begin

BME Action Learning Season Two

01 December 2022 Newsletter
During 2021-22, here at HDN we successfully ran a 10 month pilot programme

No Reshuffles at HDN!

27 October 2022 Newsletter
It has been difficult to avoid the circus (which we used to know as parliament) at Westminster

Birmingham calling…Are you ready to Walk the Talk?

30 September 2022 Newsletter
Just over a week to wait now folks and we’re all set for our second October conference

Autumn COnference 2022 Flash Sale

Walk Your Talk Flash Sale…

18 August 2022 Newsletter
Our flagship October Conference, Walk Your Talk, is just over seven weeks’ away folks and, behind the scenes…

BME Action Learning Season Two

21 July 2022 Newsletter
The next video podcast in our 2022 series is on the way folks; and it’s one you really shouldn’t miss.

Welcome to Ruth Gray

7 July 2022 Newsletter
We’re delighted to welcome the newest member of a team, as Ruth Gray has joined Moreen and Shuang to work on our Staff

Staff Mentoring Programme Celebration Special

13 June 2022 Newsletter
On a sunny Thursday in June there is no better place to be than Birmingham when the HDN SMP Celebration comes to town

Celebration Time…Come On!

26 May 2022 Newsletter
Yes friends, the 2022 Staff Mentoring Programme Celebration is almost upon us and we just can’t wait

Gearing up for Pride Month in June

12 May 2022 Newsletter
LBGT+ Pride Month takes place across the world in June, in celebration of self identity, inclusivity and equality.

Our BME Board Members Network launches in May

28 April 2022 Newsletter
Due to popular demand, and direct requests from a number of our members, we are setting up a network for Black and Minority Ethic (BME)

Zara Mohammed Podcast is Ourt Now!

14 April 2022 Newsletter
The second of our current series of podcasts is out now and available to download.

HDN Welcomes Chloe to our team!

31 March 2022 Newsletter
April is a time for optimism, folks. We’ve had a taster of some sunny weather already, the days are getting longer, and

Rafiq’s Words Still Resonate

17 March 2022 Newsletter
Here at the Housing Diversity Network we live and breathe our principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; and we’re part of a

Three thoughts for the week…

3 March 2022 Newsletter
Here in the UK and indeed across the planet, we seem to have fallen into the trap of indulging in binary debate

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s the Year of the Tiger…

3 February 2022 Newsletter
It’s never easy to decide when is the right time to stop wishing each other Happy New Year…Read More

Learning With Friends is Powerful!

20 January 2022 Newsletter
Learning Sets give individuals time to explore issues which they need to resolve

Happy New Year to all our friends

6 January 2022 Newsletter
So we’ve all bid a fond(ish) farewell to 2021 and we’re hoping for better, more normal times in the New Year

Goodwill To All

9 December 2021 Newsletter
Well friends, ‘tis the season of goodwill to all, not that we should really need a season for

We Stand Unite Against Domestic Abuse

25 November 2021 Newsletter
Women’s White Ribbon Day is today on Thursday, 25th November, and the annual event starts

Yorkshire Cricket’s Shame Affects Us All

10 November 2021 Newsletter
The allegations of bullying and racial harassment of former Yorkshire player Azeem Rafiq rocked the

Happy New Year to all our friends

28 October 2021 Newsletter
November is Islamophobia Awareness Month and, here at HDN, we’ll be working with our partners and members

The UK can get better and safer

6 October 2021 Newsletter
Polarised opinions are never particularly useful, not least because…

All Roads Lead To Birmingham

23 September 2021 Newsletter
There is less than a month to go now until the HDN Autumn Conference, and plans are racing

Conference Speakers Confirmed

10 September 2021 Newsletter
With just over five weeks to go until the HDN Autumn Conference in Birmingham, we’re

HDN Autumn Conference – book your place now!

25 August 2021 Newsletter
Less than two months to go now friends; it’s been a long time coming, and we’ve been planning

Let’s help each other get back to work HDN’s Seventh Podcast is out there…

11 August 2021 Newsletter
The latest in our opening series of podcasts has just been published and it’s a timely reminder to us all that

The unequal impact of Climate Change

29 July 2021 Newsletter
Just over 18 months ago (it seems a long time now) news came out from Wuhan that a virus had

Goodbye Euro 2020 and hello freedom…

14 July 2021 Newsletter
Well, friends, what a weekend that was! Unless you’ve spent the past four weeks on the moon

Spread a little Happiness with HDN

29 June 2021 Newsletter
Here at the Housing Diversity Network we’re a busy bunch, and our newest team

SMP Conference Special

16 June 2021 Newsletter
Did you see the brilliant videos produced by our Mentee cohort last week? Well if you didn’t

Back To Work Post COVID

2 June 2021 Newsletter
The late arrival of some sunny weather, remarkably on a Bank Holiday Monday, isn’t exactly conducive…

The SMP Virtual Event is just three weeks away!

19 May 2021 Newsletter
There’s an air of positivity around the nation this week friends, can you feel it? Even the rainy weather

Rebecca speaks to us all on HDN’s Podcast Two

5 May 2021 Newsletter
Thanks to everyone who listened to Moreen’s take on the Black Lives Matter movement in our

Our response to Sewell…and the HDN Podcast is here!

20 April 2021 Newsletter
Housing Diversity Network (HDN) works with organisations across the housing sector so that they

Sunshine, Chocolate Eggs and the Sewell Report

7 April 2021 Newsletter
We hope you had a great Easter weekend, a break if you managed to get it and time to enjoy with

Don’t let unconscious bias hold you back

23 March 2021 Newsletter
The strength of any organisation is in its people. Leaders in the public and private sectors stand or

Challenge yourself as well as others

9 March 2021 Newsletter
So another International Women’s Day may have passed but the core message of this year’s celebration

We all need some good news on COVID

23 February 2021 Newsletter
A sense of guarded optimism has emerged in the UK over the past few days as positive vaccine news and

The HDN Podcast is coming…

8 February 2021 Newsletter
Here at the Housing Diversity Network we share our passion to promote Equality Diversity

Could you be the next Trainee Board Member?

27 January 2021 Newsletter
The Housing Diversity Network is collaborating with North Star and Thirteen to launch

2021 could be our year

12 January 2021 Newsletter
There was a seismic shift in the world’s attitude to race equality, last year, following the killing of

Happy Christmas to all our friends…and see you in 2021

15 December 2020 Newsletter
Welcome to HDN’s final newsletter of the year; and as we say goodbye to 2020 let’s hope we can all get together

National Federation releases its ED&I staff report

1 December 2020 Newsletter
The Federation is publishing the report to understand the current situation and make meaningful change, and

Hate Crime and Social Housing: Taking Stock, Taking Action

16 October 2020 Newsletter
The Housing Diversity Network invite you to join us in the next of our series of webinars, an informative

Inclusive Governance and Black Lives Matter

7 October 2020 Newsletter
During the event we will discuss how to lead in an inclusive manner, make better decisions and change

COVID and Discrimination

22 September 2020 Newsletter
‘We’re all in it together’ was the mantra, back in March, when Rishi Sunak tried to bring the country together in the face of

Through the eyes of a white woman

8 September 2020 Newsletter
Another week, another killing in the USA and the Black Lives Matter movement still needs a wider audience

Inclusive Governance

August 2020 Newsletter
The pandemic has accelerated change, and the Black Lives Matter movement has further shed a light on discrimination and how organisations are

Housing Rights

July 2020 Newsletter
The housing rights website is your key source of guidance on the housing rights of people with different kinds

Diversity Network Accreditation

July 2020 Newsletter
Before lockdown, we presented the award to Swan Housing Association, and over the past few months we’ve had enquiries from other organisations

Through the eyes of a white woman

June 2020 Newsletter
As a diversity network the core of our work is about tackling discrimination and eliminating bias. The combination of the

Equality Impact Assessments and Covid-19

June 2020 Newsletter
The challenges faced by housing organisations during the current crisis are unprecedented. The pace of change is electric

Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshop

May 2020 Newsletter
The housing rights website is your key source of guidance on the housing rights of people with different kinds

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